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The end of the road.. September 18, 2006

Posted by monish in General.

So my season of tennis ended in the most undesirable manner. I fell down, scraped my knee and kinda twisted my right ankle. Wonderful. I guess by the time this heals, it’ll get real ugly and cold and ofcourse that means no tennis so this is pretty much it for this year I guess. I had a good run, loads of fun, and wonderful memories. It made me think when I will, if ever play tennis with the guys again. Guess if its meant to be we will.

Tomorrow is the start of week 5 of the semester. Its going pretty fast this semester. Its a shame that all the interesting classes had to come pretty much at the end of the program. Just trying to enjoy my time here, and do the best that I can.

Today was an awkward sunday, was a bit under the weather with the bruised knee I guess. Pretty much accomplished nothing during the day. Watch the season premier of The Amazing Race. I see there was this Indian couple, Vipul and Arti, I think. Well, they were eliminated so the Indian presence on the show was very short lived. I thought they were kind of an embarassment really, the guy didn’t seem strong enough to do much and neither did the girl and so they lost.

Just listened to Oasis’ “Wonderwall”, it sounded pretty good after such a long time. I remember being sick of this song because it was played so much years ago.

Be back with a picture of the day tomorrow! 



1. dailyupsanddowns - September 18, 2006

Thank you for your msg on my blog.

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