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Studio 60 On the sunset strip September 19, 2006

Posted by monish in General.

I watched the Season premiere of “Studio 60 On the sunset strip” last night. This show has been hyped up to be one of the best on TV and NBC is really banking on it to do really, really well to save them from the mess they find themselves in.

I had mixed feelings about the show at the end of the pilot. Yes, ofcourse it was just the pilot and ideally I should reserve my opinions on the show till a few more episodes but hey! I’d loved to be proven wrong and I do wish this show does well. So, what did I like about the show? I liked that it was refreshingly different from the intense CSI:Miami and Greys anatomy kind of shows. I liked the fact that Matthew Perry was in it. I think they kinda built up the first episode for Matthew perry and handed it to him and from now on, all the epsidoes will be revolving around his character.

I liked the fact that Amanda Peet is on the show. She is too beautiful to be convincing as a network boss but who cares, we can all pretend can’t we? Bradley Whitford looks solid as ever and he’ll be kind of the backbone of the show along with Matthew Perry.

The whole idea of the show is like this Studio is kind of like a NASA command center, everyone’s really intense behind the scenes of the show “Stuio 60”. Network bosses interfere with the programming, they want a larger say in who plays what in what capacity on this show basically stifling creativity and that is not a good thing for ultra funny, creative people. So basically the executive producer of the show, played by Judd Hirsch, loses it one night and goes on air slamming network bosses and religious groups for screwing up good TV. As improbable as that may ever be, I think it set up the show pretty nicely and I found a clip of this scene, probably the best of the show from last night.

Well, immediately after the outburst Hirsch gets fired and Amanda Peet, the new boss brings in Perry and Whitford to run the show, allowing them greater creative freedom and more flexibility. Things are starting to look up for Studio 60 now. Can hardly wait till next Monday. Yeah.



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