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About Morrissey December 25, 2006

Posted by monish in General.

So I was just killing time on youtube, as I’ve been prone to do over the past four months very frequently and I came across a song by The Smiths that I had previously never heard of called “The boy with the thorn in his side”.  Then I came across a four part documentary from 2002 about the lead singer of the smiths, Morrissey.

Turns out Morrissey has an absolute cult following for over 20 years now but he’s an extremely private person and he doesn’t seem to give out much about himself at all. Just watching the documentary I started thinking about m ownpersonality and how much I related to Morrissey.  Growing up I’ve been a private person myself, not an attention whore or wanting to be in the limelight very much. Growing up that has changed a bit but I still have that side of me where I’d rather be locked up alone in my bedroom for days, alone with my music without fucking annoying people. Hard to belueve when you actually see how much I enjoy the company of people but its true. 

Also, Morrissey says he’s been the “outsiders outsider” ever since he can imagine. I kind of relate to that myself. I can’t honestly say I’ve ever fit into squarely into any certain groups or types of people. I’ve always been myself and its been hard for people to categorise me in any particular terms as well.  In recent years I’ve realised how much of an eccentric person I am. I come acrss as loud mouthed, easily excited and highly opinionated and I kind of understand why some people might absolutely hate me. Is it something I am trying to consciously change about myself? Absolitely not, I couldn’t care less what people think about me, I’d like to think I will never change for anyone. This is the original thing, the real deal, love it or leave it.

Also, for the future, I dont see myself being surrounded by a huge family when I’m 45 either.  Like Morrissey, I too might find myself in a house somewhere in Los Angeles, alone with my huskey.  That to me is true nirvana. Weird as it may seem, I’m becoming really good at not giving away much about mysef at all, I seem to put on a fantastic front, a front that most people wil buy readily.  Guess its just a process of starting to get comfortable in your own skin and also a result of being screwed over so many times. It tends to put you on the defensive on many situations. Gonna end this post before I completely stop making any sense. A Merry Christmas to anyone reading this.



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