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10 years of Online bliss! January 28, 2007

Posted by monish in General, Nostalgia.

We’re coming to the end of January this year already.  This month kinda flew by really fast.  The weather people on TV say there’s just 6 more weeks of winter left.  I’m not too sure about that but what I am sure about is I’d really like to see some sunshine and warm weather soon!

So, I got thinking the other day, its 2007 now.  Its been an exact 10 years since I got my first modem and internet connection.  Personally, it is an occasion for me to celebrate.  My love affair with the internet started in January 1997, I distinctly remember going off to the VSNL (Indias only ISP at the time) office with my dad, after I got a letter from my college stating I was a student.  Back then VSNL offered “Student shell accounts” for about $10 a month.  Accessing the web through a shell account meant there were no graphics, just text, and the account came with an e-mail address.  I think our first e-mail address was “mmdatta@bom8.vsnl.net.in”. A TCP/IP account was just too expensive at the time.  I remember getting our account in no time and then having the person come to our home and install the modem and hearing the sweet sound of the modem for the first time.  Talk about music to my ears!

The excitement of those first few days and weeks of having access to the internet was really special.  There was so much to explore and learn.  It almost didn’t matter that we didn’t get to see a single graphic, those plain words on a dark screen were all that mattered.  None of my friends could understand my excitement.  I was finally connected with the rest of the world.  I craved information of all sorts and the internet hit the sweet spot there.  I knew this was something special.  However, I probably had no idea the level of influence the web would have in the coming years on my life.

My bond with the internet has been a special one over the past decade.  It has delivered answers at crucial junctures in my life.  Everytime I have been at a crossroad in my life, I’ve turned to the internet and its never failed to deliver.  The years between 1999 and 2004 have been especially sweet, one of the best phases in my life and I really have the internet to thank for all of it.  Dotcom boom to bust and boom again, I never ounce doubted the potential this medium had.

Its taken me a while but I think I’m finally commited to a career that involves working with the internet.   A whole 10 years later, I am still excited about the web and what it has to offer, if not more than before!  The internet has so much to offer, and we haven’t even tapped half its full potential.  As nerdy as this sounds, I get a warm and fuzzy feeling thinking about the future of this medium and I want to be part of it.   I’m humbled to be working presently in this field but ‘ve never been one to limit myself.  I’d like to achieve much larger things, fuelled by my passion for all things online. The internet offers a level playing field for everyone, underdogs such as myself appreciate that.  Here’s to many more decades of online bliss!



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