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The Maxtor HD and stuff February 10, 2007

Posted by monish in General.

maxtor_60gb_hd.jpgSo after two unsuccessfull delivery attempts at my apartment, the Maxtor 60GB external HD I ordered finally arrived at the office, where I had to redirect the delivery to.  It turned out to be a lat smaller and lighter than I had expected it to be, which is a good thing I guess! Anyways, aside from its sexy looks and neat packaging, this lightweight box isn’t really the sexiest gadget a guy could ask for. Its essentially a a BIG jump drive. Like 20 normal jump drives put together. Anyways, I’m glad I ordered it.  The idea behind ordering it is that I hope to backup stuff from my laptop onto this bad boy and hopefully that should take the load off the laptop. There isn’t much space left on it anymore!! Just playing around with this thing made me wonder if these things will ever become wireless.  That way I could delete the shit straight off my computer AND have access to a wireless hard drive which I would keep lying around the house somewhere.  Oh well, we can always dream I suppose.

The weather cleared up a bit in Cleveland today. My friend Polona and her husband happened to drop by so I met with them for lunch, taking a bit of an early lunch break from work. We went to the tower city centre which has a really cool mall in there.  It was a little crazy over there when I went there the last time, it was after work and it was dark and just not as nice as it seemed today.  I walked around after lunch a bit, thinking to myself, Cleveland must be really nice during the summertime. Its really not so appealing when its half frozen as it is now but I imagine it to be a lot more visually appealing when the sun comes (and stays!) out for an extended period.

So I just heard Drew Barrymore on the Tonight show with Jay Leno say that she’s a fan of 80’s music.  I like Drew Barrymore even more now!!! I just can’t seem to find enough people to say they like music from that era. Although I hear it at every mall, supermarket and store I go to. 80’s music is alive and well and liked by many people but despite that fact people still refuse to admit they like it. This is because people can be real assholes. Fake ones.

More at a later time…



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