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A business writer in the making February 11, 2007

Posted by monish in General, Uncategorized, web design.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my career and where I’d like to go with the experience I’m getting currently.  Admittedly, the options are many and the prospects bright. However, it’s what you chose to make of your career and the heights you want to reach that will determine where you end up eventually.  I’ve never been the one to plan anything in my life, until well into my 20’s, and I stil like to keep my options open and remain as felxible as possible when it comes to a “career”.  Having varied interests, while being a good thing, can make decision making a nightmare when it comes to career choices. At this point I’d fancy a career as a news reporter, travel writer, feature photographer,..you get the idea.

Considering my background and my current field of work I figured I’d like to be a Business writer some point down the line. I’ve been playing with the dea of starting another blog.  I feel the time is right, considering I am out of school with an MBA, Web 2.0 is making things feel like they were back in 1999, and India for once is seeing phenomenal growth rates, I believe I’m in a position where I can contribute comments and thoughts towards topics such as these, and that there might be a viable reader base who would be interested in what I have to say.

Though I’ve never published a  professional or business blog earlier, I can tell from my personal blogging attempts that this requires loads of dedication and you have to be virtually married to the cause to see the blog succeed. I have every intention to do so with this venture. The weekdays might not leave me much time, but I believe sparing 30 minutes to sum up information I’ve acquired during the day and enter it into a blog post might be a good thing for me!

I’m not going to jump and start off the blog immediately. I’m taking my time to see the various options I have with regards to web hosts, CMS solutions etc. etc. Its all there, but I have to make an educated choice regarding these.  I’m really leaning towards the idea of buying some young bloggers template and starting off with that. In any case, it gives me something worthwhile to look forward to. As a beginning point, I will update my About me section on this webpage to more accurately reflect my current situation and future ambitions.



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