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When no news is good news February 27, 2007

Posted by monish in Anna Nicole Smith, BBC, Britne Spears, Britney Spears, CNN, News, Youtube.

I Can’t seem to watch the news on any of the TV channels here in Cleveland for any length of time. The news seems, well, for lack of a better term …worthless. I really don’t need to be informed about silly, trivial local matters such as a puppy dog not being fed two consecutive meals at a local shelter and how a local high school is going to open an hour early to make up for time lost during the blizzard last year.  Maybe its that I’m too new and too forein to this place that it seems that such matters would be covered on the news. In any case I rarely feel informed, educated or enlightened about anything after hearing the news. Also the nightly news will be clogged with news of Britneys latest escapades and the never ending saga of Anna Nicole Smith.

I have to admit, I did watch with some degree of interest the news following ANna nicoles death, with the bizarre court proceeedings and then the silly vidoes, one of them with her Indian doctor “Friend”. ANd now though, its gotten nauseating and sickening.  Probably one of the main reasons I stopped watching the news. I prefer to read the online papers.  I dont know if its just me but I’m getting the feeling CNN.com is turning into a tabloid kinda paper with more videos to bizarre trivial stories than actual reading material.  Its very annoying. At work I like to read the news from time to time but all you’ll get sometimes on th CNN.com headlines are links to videos, I can’t play fucking videos in the office.  I’m going to switch to the BBC website and get a more worldly perspectiv on things from tomorrow. Just like I’ve been used to for all these years. Cleveland dog kennels be damned,

Speaking of the BBC, I came across this major screw up the BBC caused last year where they mistook an African dude who was coming to the BBC for an interview for an accountant as an IT expert and interviewed him on air for a few minutes.  I laughed so hard warching this, just one more reason I’m in love with Youtube. Check out the video below:



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