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I think I might be impressed February 28, 2007

Posted by monish in Chris Rock, Cleveland, Comedy, Hollywood, I think I love my wife.

So I’m watching American Idol tonight and I see this trailer for a new Chris Rock movie called “I think I love my wife”. Now, nothing weird about that. Seems perfectly normal. What was weird was during the trailer I see a logo that looks very familiar. I knew at that instant it was the “UTV” Logo. United Television productions being this large production house in India and thats where I remember the logo from.  I initall thought some company ripped off the logo and is using it here but how likely is that???

I googled the company and found out that Disney acwuired a 14% stake in it last year and now ther decided on investing in Hollywood and “I think I love my wife” is going to be their first Hollywood venture.  For an Indian company to be producing a Hollywood film with Chris Rock in it seems really surreal and bizarre. That the movie looks awful…Chris rock doesn’t look very convincing as a married dude and it just seems like the movie is going to suck major ass, is a different subject.  But the fact that India’s UTV is producing this movie is really a sign of how times have changed. Its also a sign of how out of touch I am with going ons back home in India.  I can’t really help it, I can’t stay updated about most things happening back home, heck I hardly stay updated here!!

Anyways, here’s the trailer for “I think I love my wife”



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