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Drained Friday and sweet surprises March 3, 2007

Posted by monish in General.

Another week at works comes to and end. Boy was I worn out today!! Its been a long week and I felt pretty drained this Friday. 

Yesterday I came back home to find an envelope from my buddy Stefan.  He sent along my birthday present, a collection of some awesome photographs and a check for the $800 I helped him by the Subaru legacy Outback with. I guess now that he’s raking in the moolah with his google job he doesn’t need the money anymore! LOL It was a neat surprise anyways, came out of the blue so it was pretty sweet. Stefan is away in Spokane this weekend for a job interview. I have my fingers crossed for him, he really deserves the job.

I vow to startup my technology/business/observation/commentary blog this weekend.  In as much as love WordPress I think I’m gonna go with Blogger for the new blog. Screw the domain name and stuff for now.  I’ll give the blog its own domain name if it deserves it.

Also this weekend I have to get around to filing my tax returns.  The time value of money kicked in this week and I realised I could throw the tax return money into a savings account longer if I got my returns earlier.  I’ve just been procrastinating on filing them for a few weeks now but I hope to get it done this weekend.

Thats it for now.  I might post in some other stuff over the weekend. Till then, Adios.



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