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Things are warming up… March 12, 2007

Posted by monish in 80's, Amazing Race, Cleveland, Cold Case, spring.

I just finished watching this weeks ‘Cold Case” episode. It was probably the most powerful episode I’ve seen.  There are a few things about this show that I love. Its a culmination of few things that are special to me and its feels good to know that there is a show like this. God bless your sweet oul Jerry Bruckheimer. So, what is it that I like about Cold Case? Well, for starters most of the incidents are from the 80’s. This ensures the soundtrack on each episode is filled with wonderful music from the 80s. Todays epsiode was about a 16 yr old dancer kid who was killed by his brother back in 1984, so it had more than its usual share of good 80’s songs.  There’s something very sad about an incident that takes place in the past that affects us till today, and we’re unable to change it or how it affects us. The show kind of builds on this emotion.  I also love the fact that there are now hi-fi forensics or smartass computer whizzes cracking codes to get into government computers and solving crimes because those shows frankly make me squirm. 

I also watched The amazing race today. Was mighty pleased that Team Cha cha cha, Danny and Oswald finished in first place. They’re probably my favorite Amazing Race team of all time and its good to see them do well this all start season.

Went off to Grove City, PA early in the morning yesterday and was back by the late afternoon.  The 1999 Subary Legacy Outback is back with a brand new engine and driving better than ever. I sure hope the car lasts for a while still now with the new engine.  It really has been a fun car to drive and although Stefan will keep the car now I will always remember the car as the one in which I reallly learned to drive and the one in which I got my first drivers license. Lots of good memories associated with that car, right from the time when we were car shopping in the summer, till the time we tried to pull it all the way back to Bowling Green from Barkeyville, PA! Okay, that last one probably wasn’t a very good memory, more like a friggin Thanksgiving nightmare but a lasting memory none the less.

Well the weather has gotten better here in Cleveland.  Its still cold outside but atleast the sky is clear, the suns been shining for a couple of days. It would seem as though these were signs that spring is just around the corner but I’m not sticking my neck out and making a prediction on that quite yet.



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