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Was Bob Woolmer the victim of a mafia hit? March 21, 2007

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So my last post on Bob Woolmer’s mysterious death seems to have attracted quite a bit of attention. Well, search engine attention anyways, with about 250 hits in three days. Thats like more than this blog has received in its history.  I figured, let me be the hit whore that I am and fan the flames of this mystery some more and see where we get. So ladies and gentlemen, watch as I pull out another (not) completely baseless theory on the  mysterious death of Bob Woolmer, way outta my a**.  In this entry I ask, Was Bob Woolmer the victim of a mafia hit? God, I am such an awful person!

Anyways, so it turns out that Bob Woolmer was writing two books when he died. No, no, ..he wasn’t actually writing them at the time he passed away! He was close to completing the books, one of which was to be a coaching manual and the other was supposedly on the topic of match-fixing. Thats right folks. Bob Woolmer had dared to go where no coach of the Pakistan cricket team should ever go in a bazillion years. He apparently met with the police commissioner of Delhi a couple of years ago when Pakistan toured India, to talk about the match-fixing case and we can all rest assured that Paul delivered all the juicy details that Bob was looking for!

There’s a been a conspiracy theory for a while now that Hansie Cronje, the match fixing king, was the victim of a mafia hit.  His plane crashed crashed (mysteriously?) in South Africa back in 2003, killing Cronje.   Now Bob Woolmer was the coach of the very awesome South African cricket team from the mid-90’s, the period which saw the acsendancy of Hansie Cronje’s captaincy. It also probably saw the ascendancy of Cronje’s match fixing tactics so I guess its safe to say that Woolmer must have been witness to Cronje’s deeds, both in good times and at the worst of times.  Being privy to an association with cricket’s biggest all time cheat must make wonderful material for a book. I’d buy that for a dollar. What it also does is make you a target for a mafia hit yourself, especially if you try to dig into matters probably best left untouched, like the match fixing case in bookie haven (India).  Now, I don’t claim to have expert knowledge on how the mafia works, but based on how the Springfield Mafia on the Simpsons work, we can all tell that you …Don’t screw with Fat Tony….or else he’ll have Legs and Louie come after you.  And Noo you don’t want that!

So, to sum things up.  Woolmer was the coach of a cricket team during cricket’s ugliest era, closely associated with the biggest match fixer of all time, Hansie Cronje. Woolmer goes onto coach the Pakistan cricket team. A team that has been notorious for fixing matches through the 90’s and even through the ’00’s, and delivering shocking losses.  This very team delivers another “shock” loss, this time against Ireland.  The man who found himself, most likely, an unwilling witness to shocking deals of match fixing, both during his time as coach of South Africa and Pakistan, decides to write a book on what he’s seen and heard, finds himself murdered the day after his team suffers a shock defeat to Ireland. 

Ladies and Gentlemen of the cricket loving world, I rest my case.



1. Pradeep - March 21, 2007

His death a day after such a stunning defeat was too much of coincidence. Of course everything is in the realm of conjecture, is it not?

2. monish - March 21, 2007

Err yes….all within the “realm of conjuncture” indeed 😉

3. noone - March 22, 2007

Its quite possible that miadad from Pakistan may be involved. Miadad was replaced by Woolmer. Miadad’s son is married to no other than Daud Ibrahim’s daughter and we all know who Daud is. Now, we also know cricket is ruled by Underworld, specially that ICC moved to Dubai, why? There is a strong chance that woolmer was dislodged either due to underworld fixing issues or to clear future foreign coaches for pakistan. Either way, its sad for cricket lovers. I am not enjoying this game of WC

4. wecite - March 22, 2007

The latest report coming to light in this regard seems to suggest that he ‘may have been strangled. They have found a broken bone in his neck/collar which might point to death by strangulation.
Police have officially began treating his death as a homicide now and the Scotland Yard has also confirmed that it will be sending two of their detectives to help with the investigation.
Also, Bob Woolmer’s wife has openly said that she does not believe her husband died of drug/alcohol overdose.


5. wecite - March 23, 2007


Police have now confirmed that they are treating Bob Woolmer’s death as a murder case. The cause of death has been stated as due to “asphyxia as a result of manual strangulation.”

Police have also found finger prints in his room not belonging to Bob and the entire Pakistani squad has been finger printed and interviewd in this regard.

There are also reports that an arrest has been made in this regard already and the person is not of Jamaican origin. Police, while confirming the arrest, are not giving any more information as of this moment.

Read more at: http://wecite.wordpress.com/2007/03/23/bob-woolmers-murder-confirmed/

6. Prash - March 25, 2007

coincidently, just after the loss to Ireland, pakistani supporters were shouting slogans such as “death to Inzamam” “death to woolmer”

i grew up watching Inzi and when i first saw him play in 92 i knew he was going to be of the the best batsmen in the world! its disgusting that his own supporters would backtrack and threaten him when the team looses. I think that is a testement to the immaturity and ignorance, and downright belligerence of pakistan as a country. reflects badly on their nation and muslims.

as for the murder of BW. Cricket world is at a loss. But whose to say he himself wasnt involved in match fixing? especially since he was involved in the famous cronje ear piece incident. perhaps his death was a match fixing deal gone wrong? perhaps he had discovered some home truths about the pakistan-ireland match?

lets hope it is discovered soon and those responsible held accoutantable. I will say one other thing in closing, cronje’s death was no accident.

7. monish - March 25, 2007

Interesting theory there Prash…

I also agree about Cronje. My follow up post kind of deals with that relationship there…

8. Meerkat - March 29, 2007

I must admit the theory does seem likely. Being an Italian doesn’t make me feel all that good or proud.
How sad to think that it could be true, and for money. Now ofcourse people are leaving the Islands and how do they expect to catch and one.
I believe that this murder and that of Hansie (and perhaps others) are to protect the massive underground business of match fixing.
If you aggree or not let me know at http://www.meerkat24.com
leave me your votes
I will post the results next week


9. Gianfranco di Luca - April 3, 2007

Anything and everything is possible.

10. Untermensch - April 3, 2007

The police have messed up big time.
No chance of any arrests now.

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