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Who murdered Bob Woolmer? March 23, 2007

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Looking back now, it seems fairly obvious that Bob Woolmer was murdered. All that talk about him being diabetic and him not taking the loss well and dying seems so naive and baseless. The man was a thorough professional, having played cricket himself.  And any individual going ahead with a coaching job in the sub-continent, especially Pakistan, would be well aware of the stress levels of the job.  To say he simply was saddened and died of a broken heart is being ultra naive, Woolmer was paid handsomly for his job and being a thorough professional he would have taken defeats, yes even the ones against Ireland, in his stride.

Having established the fact that Bob Woolmer has indeed been murdered, it leads us to the very obvious next question. Who murdered Bob Woolmer? I’m going to go out on a limb here and pull out my best guess from my a** once again. Alright folks, get ready for this….I’m willing to bet a member of the Pakistani cricket team has killed him.  Here’s why:

Its been established that Bob Woolmer received a death threat right after the defeat, the very evening of his death. Having known that, he refused to go out to eat, instead having room srevice deliver dinner to his room. Under this situation, the only person who could have possibly any access to the coach that evening would have to be a member of the Pakistani cricket team. What are the chances of Bob Woolmer entertaining a complete stranger, on the night of worst day of his coaching career and the night he receives a death threat as well? It almost certainly has to be a mmeber of the Pakistani squad. Now, this might not necessarily be a playing member. I’m not aware of the support staff the Pakistani team travels with but they are not beyonf suspicion. But I would more likely guess a player is involved. Why you ask? Read on…

Bob Woolmer was apparently strangulated, his neck was found broken.  This does not seem like a professional, planned out, slick mafia hit. Strangulation is painful, slow and dare I say noisy even.  Everything you would want to avoid if you wanted to make  quick getaway. Besides, professional hitmen have way more sophisticated methods of murder such as poisoning or silent guns etc. This was not a professional job. It is more likely a job carried A. In the spur of the moment B. By an amateur and C. a very strong individual. It would be safe to assume that the person who killed Bob Woolmer would well have to be larger and stronger than Woolmer himself. And now, by all accounts Bob Woolmer was not a small man, infact one can notice he had quite a thick neck and strangulating him would’ve taken some serious effort.  This makes me suspicious that this wasnt the act of one single person, its almost certain there will be accomplices in this murder.

Now, having stated the above, who could be that one (lets assume one for now!) person who A. Had access to Woolmer on the night of his murder B. Was larger and more powerful than Woolmer and C. Prone to physical violence at the spur of a moment. Who you ask? Ladies and gentlemen of the concerned world of cricket, I have no choice but to deduce from my observations above,  one person who is very likely to have had a hand (no pun intended) in Bob Woolmer is none other than the Pakistani cricket captain Inzamam Ul Haq himself.  Yes, the docile, patient, almost baby faced, humble giant of an individual who has been a spectacular sportsman over the past decade and half….could have well murdered his own coach.  Why you ask? What is his motive? Well, why don’t we just wait to hear what other information is revealed surrounding this case and if at all the Jamaican police believe a player is involved (I believe they are not ruling this out at the moment) before we speculate any further.

I encourage you to share your comments, views and opinions. Trolls, I will promptly delete your comments so don’t even bother posting them. Constructive, well thought out opinions or theories are most appreciated.



1. Adam - March 23, 2007

I would think you could quiten someone you are strangling, by placing something over their mouths – however, I don’t really know much about suffocation.

However it is possible he was drugged, which would make him open the door to anyone, and not offer much of a struggle as well as being quiet.

It does seem he was in the bath as he was found in the bathroom with a towel – either someone had a skeleton key or he was in the bath & got out & let the killer/s in.

There are many possibilties as well as motives, but if it was planned, then I doubt it would be a player or staff member, and it seems they are not under any suspicion as they are now in Motego Bay & are due to return home to Pakistan in two days,

2. wecite - March 23, 2007

Every one is a suspect in a murder trial, unless proven otherwise. So yes, perhaps it would be too early to rule out Inzamam as a ‘suspect’ but a suspect ONLY at this point. Already there are conflicting reports of an arrest made in this regard. News stations say YES while the police denies with a strong NO.

I would not be too jumpy about conclusions so soon since as Adam stated, the team has not been asked to stay put. Had they been suspicious of any one, it would have been otherwise. However, having said that, it is always a possibility that he was drugged and rendered helpless before the killer had his way with him. In that case, it could have been any one and not just a strong team member of the Pakistan Cricket team.

And you can simply not rule out the bookies in this regard. He was writing about them and everyone knew well that it would expose a lot of connections. Pakistani team or any individual from within them, in my opinion, would not be so stupid so as to sneak in their Coach’s room and murder him when they knew that they would be the first to be grilled and questioned about his death.

Nevertheless, like I said, everyone is a suspect. We will just have to wait and see in the coming days if the theory you put forward is actually valid.

3. Saakshi O. Juneja - March 23, 2007

Hey Monish…did you get my email?

4. dmd - March 25, 2007

Most people seem to be blaming the “Match-Fixing Mafia”. If the match was fixed then surely the Mafia having bet on Ireland to win would have beem counting their winning and would have had nothing to complain about. An aggrieved Pakistani supporter or team member or supporter was most likely to have the motive. Since an ordinary supported would have difficulty getting access to the hotel room, it looks more likely to be a member.
Inzaman and Mustaq Ahmed changed rooms that night. Mushtaq had an an explained cut on his head.

5. West Indies Police - April 22, 2007

Bob Woolmer was murdered. We have found out that who it was. We are not showing person in public before the world cup ends. He has ran thousands of miles away. Watch any news to find out why,when,where,and how after the world cup ends.It is known that he is a gambler.
Thank You
West Indies Police

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