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Back! April 24, 2007

Posted by monish in Cleveland, rant, work.

wow..a whole month without blogging.  Some shit we call life has kept me away but I’m back now. Now its knda hard to put in whatever’s happened in the past one month so I guess I’m not even going to try. Bah!

So the weather here in the Cleve seems to have cleared up and we’re finally seeing some warm weather. It was 80 degrees downtown today, which was pretty sweet. Its funny cos its that time of the yer again when people don’t really know how to dress.  Even with 80 degrees weather outside you will see enough epople with sweaters and jackets hanging about outside. Can’t blame people with the way this Ohio weather behaves, its probably best to be prepared. I know I’ve always carried around an umbrella with me, its rained in the summer, winter and fall so its come in handy.

My buddy Simmo landed himself a job here in the cleve like 2 weeks ago and moved in with me.  Its been pretty cool. So this weekend Simmo and I head out to a Mall near here called “Crocker Park”.  Now, crocker park is like the Kingdom of Prep, or Prepdom I should say.  It has all these stores you would expect in a preppy shoppers paradise, the urban outfitters, the abercrombie and fitch and yadda yadda yadda.  So it was basically a mall filled with rich, white preppy kids who listen to Emo, who were driven to the mall by their preppy parents in their prius’. That many P’s in a sentence, I must be pissed. Geez, why should I even be pissed off at preppy kids, they have as much as right to exist on this planet as other any other scum.  Anyways, it was an interesting experience.

Works going well.  Its always interesting treading in unchartered territory, because no ones ever been in my position no one really knows what to expect, least of all myself. So I guess I take it pretty much a day at a time and see where this gets me. I’ve enjoyed the ride so far, with summer right around the corner, there’s a lot to look forward to and I’m really looking forward to it.



1. jimbo - September 11, 2007

how do you know these kids listend to emo? maybe they loved the 80’s just like you did!!!

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