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2 Years June 14, 2007

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Yesterday was my 2 year anniversary here in the states.  Really had no expectations when I left home on the morning of June 13 2005. All I knew was that circumstances  had compelled me to leave home and go far away.  A new start if you will. While I had known and wanted to leave for a while before that, I wasn’t prepared for the circumstances under which I left. 

I think 2 years have changed me as a person a lot.  Guess you’re bound to when you’ve been tested the way I have been. I’ve tested the limits of my sanity, been battered, brought to my knees, overwhelmed, overjoyed, underwhelmed, screwed over, depressed and numb during these 2 years.  But most of the change has been very positive. I think I have a more mature perspective on life than earlier.  Its a struggle, but I’d like to think I’m zeroing in on my goals in life as well.  Yeah, I have goals and aspirations. But do I know where I will be 2 years from now? Or what I’ll be doing then? I don’t have a clue honestly. Its been a good ride these past 2 years. I think I’m going to keep it going, I don’t have any expectations or set goals for the future. I just do what I have to do and let the forces that be surprise, delight and humble me as they have so many times during the past 24 months.

Looking back, some of the questions I ask myself are: How did I ever muster the courage to do the things that I have done? How did I finally learn what discipline means? How did I ever resist the urge to fight fire with fire? 

Resolve, don’t fail me now…


What do I wanna be when I grow up? June 11, 2007

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I just read in an article on MSN.com that the average person in the US changes his/her career three times in a lifetime.   It got me thinking what potential careers I might be interested in. Since I’m not thinking of a switch anytime soon I wondered why not go crazy and list as many career options I would love to pursue at some point in my life.

1.  Cricket Writer/Administrator: This wouldn’t have been a choice of mine a few years ago.  Playing the game is all I cared about. But now at the ripe old age of 26, I’ve relegated myself to the brutal fact that I won’t be playing the game at any respectable standard ever, certainly not here in the US.  However, I’m still passionate about the game, maybe not the current state of cricket (I haven’t watched a live game in 2 years) but rather about the cricket of yore, how so much has changed in the game and yet so much has remained the same.  I’d like to be able to write about the things I’ve learned from the game, how lessons learnt in cricket have reflected in my own life and why I think I am better off for it.

Having studied business management, I have begun to appreciate the art of managing. Be it people, money, egos etc. etc. managers bring about a sense of calm by streamlining activities  and getting things done around a place.  I think marrying my passion for the game with a management background actually gives me a decent background to be able to manage a cricket club anywhere in the world.  

2.  Newsreader:  Think this choice has deep narcissistic undertones to it.  I don’t know.  I  am fascinated by mass media and the explosion of TV news channels in India in the late 90’s lead to a lot of new newsreaders on TV, many of which I would look at and imagine I could do a better job than them.  Back when I was 18-19 years old, I imagine if we had decent options for mass media studies back home (which we didn’t at the time) I could have well opted for it. 

3. Business Writer:  I’d be lying if I said an appreciation for business came to me naturally.  If anything being a Bengali, I was genetically predespositioned NOT to acquire any appreciation for business and if I chose to pursue it, fail at it miserably by making stupid choices. Circumstances however were to provide me with a very different perspective on business.  Growing up in Mumbai, which is a very “money minded” city, children talk about and dream of making money and lots of it.  There is an almost perverse admiration for wealthy people, a sort of worship of wealthy individuals as though they were somehow closer to God or God themselves because there must’ve been something divine which lead them to be this wealthy.  Can’t say I ever bought into this worship entirely, but it is something that growing up you cannot avoid.  The notion that being wealthy is a sureshot route to happiness is something that seeps into the subconscience of every kid growing up in Mumbai. And the quickest way to get rich was to run a business.

Having been brought up in such an atmosphere, studying business at collge for a number of years and even getting an MBA at the end has given me an immense appreciation for the world of business.  I would love to be a business writer.

A couple of other options would have to be a life coach, kinda like Dr. Phil, only not so harsh, and a travel writer!