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Just one look….thats all it took yeah! July 6, 2007

Posted by monish in General.

So anyone who’s known me in the past 18 months would have heard the story of how I interviewed with one of the “Big 4” Accounting firms last year by a guy who was eerily similar to me. We shared the same last name, went to the same school back home in India and even lived in the same area of Bombay. I guess thats where the similarity ends because this guy was a complete douchebag and needless to say, I didn’t end up getting the job.  Not getting the job didn’t hurt as much as not getting it because I was interviewed by this guy who hated my guts.  Not qualified enough…OK…Not enough experience…OK…..Not a good fit…OK….All these would be valid reasons for not getting the job. But I couldn’t help but feel this Indian douchebag had it in for me the moment he saw me.  Was it because I was younger, slimmer, better looking and had the cutie recruiter eating out of my hands practically all night before the interview? I don’t know. All I know is this guy did his bestest to deny me an entry into this firm and succeeded.  Fine.  You can’t win em all in life.

But why do I mention Fatty McBongo today? Well, ever since I started work here in the Cleve I’ve seen him around during lunchtime, sometimes at the Subway or elsewhere, pigging his fat, evil, rotten heart out. But I don’t think he ever saw me or we never made eye contact. Till today. Oh yea. Today I looked into the eyes of the fattest, brownest, meanest, Bengali, Big 4 consultant in the universe and his eyes had just this to say : “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?”.

I’ll admit it.  Every now and then my eyes will meet with some other random Indian person around here and more often than not you’ll get a disgusting look back, basically saying “What’re you doing here?”, “Go away” or “There’s just room for one brown person in this town, so fuck off”.  Something to that effect.  But ‘ol Fatso’s look took the cake. It really, REALLY did.  The moment he saw me the pathetic gulab jamun had a kind of epileptic fit, threw up his lunch all over the sidewalk and his group of fellow Big 4 cronies held him from falling to the ground. It didn’t help that I charged towards him and delivered a roundhouse kick to throat just before that moment.

Okay, none of that really happened.  But it could have. I think we both realised that. Especially when I looked at him with a squinted eye, sending the message, “Yea, thats right. It’s me. You didn’t get rid off me like you thought you did, you poor, ugly bastard.”

So we exchanged glances. And we moved on.  In short, thats what life is all about.  In life you will meet ugly, soulless, heartless beasts who will try to beat you, kick you and deny you everything that you think you’re worthy of. It’s upto YOU to kick and scream and deliver roundhouse kicks and soccer punches to fight the forces nature delivers and get what you deserve. And then you move on to the next disgusting creature you have to fight. I guess, the tougher the battle the sweeter the victory. 



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