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Sicko review July 16, 2007

Posted by monish in Michael Moore's Sicko, Michal Moore Sicko, review, sicko review.

I saw Michael Moore’s latest documentary last night. Thought I’d add my own views on the movie

Michael Moore’s (MM) latest Documentary Sicko left me with mixed feelings. I can easily say this was the least persuasive or convincing of his documentaries.  Not to say that MM projected lies and half truths in the documentary but you couldn’t help but feel that there were undertones of propoganda in the film. At the risk of sounding like a right wing, neo conservative commentator blasting MM for pushing the ultra liberal agenda, I have to say MM has focussed so much on one side of the argument that it’s a little hard to digest anything else he has to say.

If we are to summarize MM’s Sicko, it would be as follows : The healthcare system in the USA is broken. The money hungry insurance companies have completely taken over leading to the commercialization of every aspect of healthcare.  So much so that the emphasis is pure bottomline profit as opposed to better health for customers.  The system in the US was never a particularly good one to begin with because it involved private entities who focussed on bottomline profits and despite efforts by noble individuals such as Hillary Clinton to fix the system, it still remians broken till today.  Across the atlantic however, people are healthier, living longer and not shelling out a dime for their healthcare. In other words, healthcare in Europe is everything it is not in the USA.  Corporations, governments, everyone in the US should be ashamed of their greedy, uncaring and inhospitable ways. It’s time the US started appreciating and learning from the Europeans instead of mocking them for their un-American, peculiar and socialistic way of life.

At some point the movie ceases to be about just the state of healthcare in the United States but instead gathers a greater political tone with insinuations that a more socialistic attitude towards healthcare would have been more beneficial.

Seriously, does Michael Moore of all people, have the answer to the healthcare woes in the country? Should anyone take anything he has to say seriously at all? Problem now is with one sided arguments and ruthless attacks on the government in every one his movies, Michael Moore is getting to the point where people are getting sick of his rants. People will react to his movies in a very yeah yeah I get it, its all the governments fault kind of attitude.
MM because of his ultra-liberal, anti-bush, anti-republican stance is turning into the poster boy of republican ridicule.  By putting forth one sided arguments and glorifying systems in other nations (again, a one sided view) MM is providing the conservatives in the country with just the fodder they need to ridicule not just MM but every liberal in the country. MM makes the thinking, insightful, opiniated yet balanced liberals in the country look bad.  To me, it seems the conservatives in this country like nothing better than to paint a certain group of people with the same brush and in this case it would be painting all liberals with the MM brush. In this way MM could’ve caused more harm than good with this movie by walking in straight into the republican trap.In MM defense however, he is a movie maker with a social agenda and not a politician.  I truly believe his agenda is to a greater degree a social one rather than a political one.  Even with all the anti government rhetoric stirred up in this documentary,  the truth is even if half of what MM shows in Sicko is true, then America has a huge problem on its hand.  Heck, the system is broken and someone had to speak up or make a documentary about it right? Unfortunately for a lot of people, that person had to be MM.

I guess the best way to approach MM’s Sicko is to focus on the message itself rather than the medium. For all the lop sided arguments and European ass kissing, the truth remains sorely visible and undeniable.  Watch the movie but take a lot of what MM has to say with large doses of salt. And for God’s sake buy some life isnurance, thought it might not do you any good. If you believe MM. 🙂



1. TheWiseMan - September 22, 2007

I hope you don’t get sick and don’t expect your insurance to pay for it… Invest in the insurance companies and not the bogus insurance policies because it pays even if you are not sick…

2. TheWiseMan - September 22, 2007

I hope you don’t get sick and don’t expect your insurance to pay for it… Invest in the insurance companies and not the bogus insurance policies because it pays even if you are not sick…

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