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Blast from the past August 16, 2007

Posted by monish in DirectI, Mumbai, Venture, Web Hosting.

I was browsing through the electronic version of the Times of India yesterday when I reached the jobs section and what I saw there blew me away. I saw a recruitment ad for a company called “DirectI” requiring  several positions in accounting and some technical positions. They claimed to be a $30 Million dollar company and there was no reason to suspect that. I only wondrede if it was the same DirectI I knew of back home. A little research revealed that it was the same company!

The same company that was started by a bunch of kids in a Bombay suburb in the late nineties. The same company that we used to host several of the websites we designed back in the day and the same company that blew us away with their professionalism, service and enthusiasm for their work. I would never have in my wildest dreams imagined they would have scaled the heights to which they have today.  I still remember visting their offices in 4 bungalows and seeing how DirectI was setup.  It was an office within a residential building, and if I remember correctly the owner, Bhavin. actually lived in the floor below his office. 

Talk about reaping the rewards of foresight, enthusiasm, passion and a quest for excellence. These guys are successful today because they loved what they did and they made sure they did a damn good job of it. Their CEO in particular, Bhavin Turakhia, only a couple of years older than I am is a true visionary. In a way, I’m really proud of these guys and I hope to hear more succes stories from DirectI and other small scale ventures making it big.



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