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I eat cannibals… August 31, 2007

Posted by monish in Bible, Little Rock, Namesake.

Some people say short blog posts are pointless and not a good idea. Well, you know what, f*** them!

I was witness to some ugly boardroom scenes today at work. All part of the learning experience I guess. I learnt that there’s no such thing as a true “friend” in the corporate world.  There’s just too much politics in the business world, people not saying what they mean and not meaning what they say.  I guess it’s dealing with situations that arise from these politics is a huge part of “man management” and a very important tool in the business managers armory today.

I’m pretty close to finishing off “The Namesake”. I’ve already started reading my next book, the #1 International Bestseller of all time, The “Holy” Bible. Yes, I’m reading the bible. Before people go crazy on me and start saying I’ve been in Ohio too long, I just wanna say I’m reading this book like any other, with an open mind and with the intention to critique it at the end of it.  From what I’ve read so far, I’m not too impressed. I can tell someone’s put in shitloads of hardwork into  compiling this but it’s not very engaging, the verses seem very cryptic and in Homer Simpsons words “This book has no answers”. So far the only thought it’s vindicated is that all the asshole over the years who’ve told me they’ve read the bible are liars. No way those dumb shits read through a book of this complexity or comprehended anything this book has to say. I want to read through (atleast some of)  it so I’m not as big a hypocrite when it comes to challenging people who have the audacity to quote the bible for sake of an argument.

I’m off to Little Rock, AR tomorrow for a short trip over the labor day weekend.  Be back soon.



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