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2007 Round Up December 25, 2007

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2007 is coming to an end. Thought it’s time I looked back at this most interesting year, note it’s highlights and low points.

While I’ll remember 2006 as the year I got the MBA, 2007 will be the year I put the degree to use.  The year started with me moving to Cleveland to start work.  I remember making the drive over from Bowling Green in the rented chrysler with my friend Mohan, who dropped me off at the apartment on a cold Cleveland winter evening. All alone, in the cold,  in the basement apartment, only work to look forward to the next day. So January was a testing month for me. Work started off with me sitting in at various board meetings and getting a feel for what banking was all about. Overwhelmed at times, but I was upto the challenge all long.  The transition from student life to working life was taking place and I wasn’t sure I was likin it all that much.  Ofcourse I’ll remember January for the month I got my first paycheck and also the heart attack that is federal taxes.

February showed up soon enough and it was a nasty month. I remember well the Valentine’s day snow storm, being snowed in and not being able to get to work that day.  3 days later it was my birthday, and although the snowfall had ceased, I was in no position to make the drive over to BG to celebrate my birthday. This was one of the lowest points during the year, being snowed in all alone on my birthday.

March, April and May saw changes in the weather. With the slight improvement in weather I remember heading off to Pennsylvania with my buddy Stefan to go fetch the Subaru.  It was an interesting trip, the car got fixed and I was happy about that. Ofcourse it got warmer, the sun showed up after weeks and I couldn’t remember when I was happier to see the sun! In April, my friend Simmo moved in with me here in Cleveland after getting himself a job.  Didn’t contemplate having  roommate till this point but was glad it worked out with Simmo.

June, July and August were probably the best months of the year. The sun was shining, the weather was warm and Cleveland actually looked beautiful. I played Tennis, visited BG many times with Simo, had many of my friends visit and stay over with me, so life was looking good. Ofcourse in July, Simmo moved to Dallas and then on to Los Angeles and we stopped being roommates at that point.  June, I will especially remember for moving out of the hole in the ground that was my basement apartment. I was glad to move upto the 1 bedroom on the 2nd floor that month. I was glad to wake up to the sunshine and feel the summer breeze through the windows! I will remember my many visits to Lakewood park for running, watching the 4th of July fireworks and watching random bands play on Saturday evenings.

In September I visited my friend Blair in Texarkana.  My first trip south of Ohio. I got to see parts of Texas and arkansas I never thought I would visit so I was glad I made the trip. Ofcourse it was good to see Blair too, he’s been a friend for a long time and I felt like I owed him a visit.  Over halloween time, I made my first trip out west to Los Angeles. I met with Simmo, Dustin and the Gellers. Meeting with friends made me happy. Ofcourse I will remember the trip for being on the sets of ‘Phenomenon’ and meeting with Criss Angel and seeing other famous people.  Words can’t express how much I was impressed with LA as a city. During the trip, I took a flight, a bus, a train ride and took cabs across LA. If anything, the trip reminded me how much I love to travel and how I should be doing more of it.

As we headed towards the end of the year, I started doing more interesting stuff at work. Headed off to BG on the weekends more often, knowing this will be the last time I’ll see many of the people there.  November saw my co-worker getting fired. My boss being moved to a different department and me getting a new boss. Needless to say the change has been very unsettling.  The office party was a fun affair. And to think I was thinking of giving it a miss! And ofcourse in October, I bought my first car, a 2001 Toyota Corolla.  After much head scratching on how to go about financing it etc. etc. I finally took the dive and bought myself the car and I’m glad I did.

Guess it’s natural to look back at a year and have maybe some regrets. My regrets about the year are maybe I should’ve looked for a car earlier in the year, sometime in the summer. I’m not really sure what held me back but it would have been fun to travel to different places in the summer, I kinda feel I missed out on that but we always have next year.  A bigger regret is ofcourse the situation with my brother.  2007 didn’t see any improvement at the end of it. I feel worse this year because sometime in the latter part of the year my brother mentioned having to break up with his GF and moving to the US and turning his life around. A decision I did not influence but it seemed like he was finally making some sense and things were going to look better going forward. Only for the relapse to occur weeks later.  We’ve interacted the least in our lives this year, I can actually just recall one phonecall and a few e-mails. I’ll remember this year as the one we’ve grown apart the most.

So that kind of sums up the year for me. The past 3 years have all been landmark years for me. I’ve grown so much as a person during the years, I’m not sure I’d even recognise the kid I was back in 2004! It’s been a testing sort of years in many ways, and a year of many firsts. This year felt a lot like 1999 in many ways, minus the unbridled joy and exuberance you experience as an 18 year old!



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