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Late September Sunday September 29, 2008

Posted by monish in General.
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I volunteered at The New Albany Classic today. Showed up early and got my assignment and everthing and turns out the vendor I was assigned to showed up really late and wasn’t sure she was going to be provided a volunteer so she wasn’t even expecting me. On anycase, I had a good time working with the guys on the rise, watching parts of Jordan Pruitt’s concert and meeting so many interesting kids an people. The day was really for the kids, they would’ve enjoyed it the most.

I came home and just crashed. Fell asleep for almost 4 hours and woke up 8ish. Turned on the TV to realise that the 13th season of The Amazing Race premieres tonight. Looks like it’s going to be pretty good season and it’s definitely part of my weekend TV watching schedule. Right after TAR, ‘Cold Case’ was on and I’m actually watching it right now. There’s something about the show, the nostalgia in the soundtrack, the sadness of the cases, the sweetness of justice…just makes it a really really beautiful show and I hope to catch many more cool episodes through the rest of the season.