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About Monish

Monish is 27 years old and lives and works in Columbus, OH. 

His blogging interests include music from the 80’s, Tennis, World affairs, Opinions on anything and everything under the sun, Travel adventures, Internet marketing and website design, Digital photography, Meetings with strange but (extra)ordinary people, Food, Crazy plans for his future and the books that he is reading.

While he plans to reveal his opinions and share information about himself and his daily life, he chooses to keep a great deal of this to himself. He welcomes questions about this site, and any other questions you might have. Feel free to comment on the various pages, you may e-mail Monish at monish [AT] gmail [DOT] [COM]



1. Saakshi O. Juneja - March 20, 2007

Hi. Just sent you an email..which might be stuck in your Spam folder.

Pls check and reply.


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